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Easter/Reflection Time

Happy Easter 🐣 / Reflection Time!

I hope you've all had a beautiful break over the long weekend! I love this time of year. I always take time over Easter to reflect... why? Because I see Easter as a time for new beginnings.  As the Bible tells a story of Jesus being nailed to the cross and being able to rise again days later, so too do we have a chance to rise again... to start a fresh, leave the past where it belongs and to get excited at what's ahead... and if we are not excited what CAN we do to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of our life... what we CHOOSE to do moving forward... what we choose to BELIEVE for ourselves.

Taking time out to reflect on what old beliefs we have that may not serve us anymore or what FEARS may be holding us back from being our best selves and maybe letting go of those... whether that be in relation to our health and fitness, family, work life etc.

So with that said what fears can you leave behind and what new beliefs and habits can you bring into your life that will serve you better (after all what you believe for you will always be true for you) - if you think you can/can't- you're right.

We have a choice everyday to start a fresh and do things differently but also there are breaks like Easter that symbolise NEW BEGINNINGS (the chicken hatching) where we can take time to reflect on what changes we can bring into our daily lives to make life even better! ❤️ - if nothing changes then nothing changes... if you've always done what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten...

Cant wait to see you all this week! Let's do this!!

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Beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing

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