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4 Week Body & Mind Reset Program

This program is perfect for women over 40, women over 50, women over 60 and any woman who is perimenopausal or going through menopause or has gone through menopause who has struggled with losing weight.  This Program works!

This program is completely online!

I am looking for 5 women over 40, 50 or 60 who would like to lose 4kg, want to get into shape without having to go to a gym and want to feel comfortable in their clothes again without feeling bloated and low in energy. My proven method works and I have been using to help many woman do just that!


This 4 week package includes:


🍎A very easy to follow food plan

🍎A recipe book full of delicious recipes that you AND the family will enjoy

🍎At home workout book full of different workouts to keep you training at least 3 days a week and... ENJOY doing them

🍎1 zoom call per week to check in and keep you motivated

🍎Daily emails to keep you on track and get you thinking about things a little differently


                                  At the end of the day to truly change something in you has to change


What you will get:


🌟More energy

🌟Feel less bloated if at all

🌟Feel satisfied and not feel like snacking

🌟Weight loss

and so much more.


All this can be done from the comfort of your own home as this program is completely online.


We start on 14 August!

Investment: $99


"I loved that I didn't feel like snacking at all" - Julie

"The kids loved so many of the recipes and they were so easy to make" - Shannon

"So much food on this program. I didn't realise I wasn't eating enough" - Josie

"I love that I don't feel bloated anymore" - Triona

"I finally feel comfortable in my clothes again" - Kate

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