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I have the best job in Brisbane, Australia. As a qualified trainer since 2010, I’ve been transforming my clients into fitter, healthier versions of themselves. Let’s shape up together.

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No Bake Carrot Cake 

1 cup of grated carrot

1 cup of pecans or walnuts

1  cup of fresh dates

Half cup of dessicated coconut

1/3 cup of Coconut water

1 TBS Coconut oil

1 TBS raw honey

1/4 cup of coconut flour

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Add all the ingredients into a food processor.  Once mixed well spoon into a cupcake tin to make 10. Then put into freezer while you make the icing.


1 Cup of soacked cashews

1/2 cup of coconut water

The juice of one lemon

5 medjool dates

1 TBS Raw Honey

Add all ingredients into a nutribullet and mix until completely smooth.  Spoon the icing on top of the muffins and put back into the freezer to set..  When wanting to eat just take them out about 5 minutes beforehand.

carrot muffin.png
These are great with a coffee and for breakfast!
breakfast healthy.jpg

Eggs with Potato & Spinach Mash

Sick of eggs and toast? Here's a delicious and satisfying breakfast I know you will just love.

What you will need:

2 eggs

200g of chopped, washed potato

As much raw spinach as you like

Half an avocado

In a huge saucepan bring water to the boil and add in the 2 eggs and the chopped, washed potato. (I like my eggs hard so I let everything boil together for awhile) if you want soft eggs then take the eggs out once they have cooked for as long as you need. Continue to boil potato until soft.

Take eggs out and leave to cool.

Once potatoes are cooked, strain them, put them in back in the saucepan and add the spinach in. Cook until spinach wilted and add salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix all together.

Then.. peel the eggs and slice them. Add the spinach and potato mash into the plate with the eggs and then half an avocado.  If you don't want avocado then add a tablespoon of olive oil and drizzle it over the eggs and mash.

Add a little salt and pepper on eggs and avocado and some lemon juice AND ENJOY!!!


Sweet Potato Pizza Base

SWEET POTATO BASE PIZZA 🤗One of my passions (besides training) is healthy eating. I follow a very healthy, natural, wholefoods diet where I care more about the ingredients in my food than than the numbers in a table - although still important. This is how I've lived my life for over 12 years! It's a walk in the park for me! I like to know exactly what I'm eating, what the ingredients are and if I don't recognise something then I'm looking it up or I'm not eating it! ...and that's why I am SO EXCITED to share with you this AMAZING pizza base! What makes this pizza so special? Well check out below to see the recipe! 2 days and 3 pizzas later I have perfected this base and the rest of the pizza is pretty amazing! I also wanted to make it as easy as possible because... if I'm doing it... then you can MOST DEFINITELY do it🙌 

This is an ALL NATURAL pizza WHICH TASTES AMAZING! It's GLUTEN free and VEGAN! But before you judge it you need to know that I've had some of the biggest food critics ever try it - my dad (italian-need I say more), my mum (one of the best italian cooks to ever hit this planet), my children (who love pizza joints) & they are raving! ...& let me tell you, they all are not afraid of telling me some harsh truths 😬... soooo here it is. You can thank me later! In fact if you make it let me know how you go!

BASE 🍕500 to 600g sweet potato chopped into pieces & boiled 🍕Then remove water, mash up & mixed with 1 cup buckwheat flour 🍕Need it together into a ball then wet hands and place on baking tray - wetting hands will help mixture not stick🍕Flatten out & put into oven for 16 mins 🍕Turn over and cook for another 16 mins 🍕I had oven at 200 degrees - just keep an eye on it

Put whatever topping you want on it. I put tomato paste & herbs then I put chopped up capsicum, mushrooms, olives, onion and mixed it all in a bowl with green pesto. 🧀The (not) cheese 🧀1 cup soaked cashews

🧀1 heaped tsp salt

🧀Quarter cup nutritional yeast

🧀1 clove garlic

🧀1 cup water

Blend up in a nutribullet until creamy

SO EASY!!! ps I also used this as a dip... Omg!! 

banana buscuits.jpg

Banana & Seeded/Nut Cookies

2 cups of mixed pumpkin, sunflower seed and pecan mix 
1 cup desiccated coconut 
2 ripe banana 
10 medjool dates 
Mix in food processor
Roll into balls and bake in oven for 15 mins at high temp. Take out and cool.

NOTE:  you can replace the banana with apple if you like

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