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What consistency, persistence and discipline will get you

CELEBRATION TIME!! When Shannon first came to me she could not do even 1 push up! Now... well I'll let this video speak for itself! This was today aaand her third set of 5 push ups so she was fatiguing at this point but still look at those beeeeaaaauuutiful push ups! Love your work Shannon!! Well done!!🙌💪💃

When you decide to make changes you have to expect to move out of your comfort zone... and I know many of you (including me) don't like that "uncomfortable" feeling. But what is the alternative? Stay the same? In every instance we have a choice... stay the same or make a change... making a change will always include getting uncomfortable and a person will only ever really commit to making a change when the staying the same is more uncomfortable than change itself.

BUT... once you get uncomfortable I guarantee you won't regret what's on the otherwise of that. 🙌🌟💃

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Just amazing Shannon!

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