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10 Easy & Healthy Protein Meal Ideas to keep you full and satisfied and on your health journey

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Let's start with the basics:

Good sources of Protein in general:

100g Fish 20g protein

100g Chicken 30g protein

100g Beef 25g protein

1 Egg (large 50g) 6g protein

200g Yoghurt (low fate) 10g protein

40g cheese (full fat) 10g protein

100g uncooked Legumes 7g protein

100g Hommus 9g protein

Easy Meal Ideas that get me through using the above Protein Sources:


- with a cup of steamed rice and half avocado and Tamari sauce

- with 3 to 4 crackers

Chicken - if I don't have a lot of time I'll just grab a roast chicken from the supermarket already cooked and add

- with broccoli, cauliflower, or whatever greens I have

- with mixed salad leaves - just buy a bag of mixed green leaves, wash them, throw them in a bowl with a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice of apple cider vinegar and some sea salt

Chicken Breast

- strips of chicken stir fried with mixed vegetables

Steak - I tend to add the same thing to steak as I do with my chicken

- Steak and Salad

- Strips of Beef stir fried with mixed bag of vegetables


- Boiled eggs, sliced and served over fresh spinach leaves with a drizzling of olive oil, salt and pepper

- Scrambled eggs cooked over mixed vegetables with salt and pepper and your favourite herbs to flavour


- with slices of carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum

Wraps are great too

- Chicken, salad and hommus wrap (I love the Bfree 5 Quinoa & Chia seed wraps from Woolworths)

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