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Our 4 Week Reset Program

Well since completing my nutrition studies I have been busy putting my knowledge to great use by creating my first 4 week Body & Mind Reset Program which has just been completed by a group of amazing women who decided they needed to change up their lifestyles, lose weight, change their mindset and put themselves first.

Below is Julie, one of our ladies who completed the program, and from these photos and results you can see that this is what is possible in just 4 weeks from my Body & Mind Reset Program. Real Food for real women in their 40s, 50s 60s and over!  When Julie started she had a goal of wanting to fit into her dress which she had not been able to do the zip up on since 2018.  Well I am pleased to say that Julie is doing up that zip now.   WELL DONE Julie! I am so proud of what you have achieved and seeing your smiling face in the classes says it all!

 I’ve created a program that helps women shed those extra kilos that they didn’t think they could by following a program that includes exercise and a great way of eating – so great that you can share the meals with your family and they will LOVE IT (well that’s the feedback anyway😁🌟) – without needing to cook a separate meal for yourself.  These meals have been created to keep it as simple as possible while nourishing your body as we all know how busy our lives can get... especially if you have a family to look after as well.  This program is so good in fact that what you learn and how you eat for the 4 weeks carries on to become your LIFESTYLE and therefore help to keep those results!

Our next one starts in April and there will be details coming through in the coming weeks.  If you are interested contact me on 0438286731 alternatively I have also opened up some nutrition spots for those who are wanting a more personalised approach and ready to start feeling lighter, less bloated and their absolute best 👌 💃🌟

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